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Scholarship Committee’s Decision in 2010

Scholarships 2010 at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå, SwedenAt the end of each year,  scholarships are awarded to high school students who have distinguished themselves in different ways.  Today the scholarship ceremony was held in Anderstorpsskolan‘s assembly hall. Teachers and mentors nominate students in each class. The school’s scholarship committee then select students from among the nominees. All of our principals were in fine clothes, tails and long dress, just like people at the Nobel Prize Banquet.

Scholarships 2010 at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå, Sweden. Students from the Arts programme (Music) Classical music played for us.

Students from the Arts programme (Music) played classical music for us.

Scholarships 2010 at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå, Sweden. Each grantee was hailed with trumpets.

Each holder of a scholarship was hailed with a trumpet fanfar by one of our outstanding music teachers.

Representatives from various industries and associations were present to award the scholarships to the selected students. 42 students at Anderstorpsskolan received various awards for various achievements:

Scholarships 2010 at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå, Sweden (Vehicle Branch)

Vehicle Branch

Awards from MRF Simon Lund FP3b (Bodywork Education), Andreas Vikström PF3a (Engine & Truck), Daniel Berntsson FP3b (Car); Awards from Matthias Warg Memorial Fund – Linnea Karlsson FP3b; Awards from Swedish Road Haulage Companies North – Linus Forsell FP3c and Awards from Machinery/BYN – Anton Eriksson FP3c (Construction).

Trade Programme

Awards from Swedish Trade Skellefteå – Margareta Andersson Hp3; Awards from Skellefteå Turism – Sanna Marklund HP3 – Hedström and Beatrice Markström Hp3.

Arts Programme

Arts Scholarship – Kornelia Nilsson ES3b (Image); Awards from Skelleftea dance and ballet association – Thea Burlin ES3c, Anna Westergren ES3c and Mikael Sthål ES3c (Dance); Awards from Västerbottensteatern – Jens Lundmark ES3c and Emil SundströmES3c (Theater); Awards from Swedish Order of  Freemasons – Magdalena Hettinger ES3a (Music) and Awards from Ramus – Andreas Björk ES3d (Music).

Scholarships 2010 at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå, Sweden (SPFL - Outdoor activity)

Media Programme

Awards from The Foundation For The Promotion Graphic Professions – Helena Sjögren SPMJ3 and a Movie Scholarship – Ludvig Eriksson MP3

SPFL (Outdoor activity)

Scholarship from Intersport – Johan Lundqvist SPFL3

Scholarships 2010 at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå, Sweden (Good study-results)

For Good Study-results

Awards from The Schools  Cooperation Fund -Malin Dahlqvist SPID4, Helena Sjögren SPMJ3, Mattias Lindgren SPID4, Stina Olofsson SPID4, Jenny Larsson SPSK3 and Moa Markgren ES3b

For Good Peers

Per Zetterström’s Memorial Fund – Isak Pettersson SPID3b and Azamat Kasimov FP2b

A lawyer’s office – Kaidings – awarded David Eriksson Scott, HP1 

Students’ Council

Jenny Larsson SPSK3 was mentioned for her work as the student council president.

Municipality Essay Contest

1st prize – Moa Nordin SPID1; 2nd prize, Remi Lafas SPMJ1; 3th prize, Emilia Mark Vester SPSK1; 4th prize (10 st) – Andreas Granlund FP1a, Sofia Pettesson SPMJ1, Jonathan Åslund FPBm1, Isabell Bjurman HP1, Erik Sundvall MP1, Frida Norberg ES1b, Jennifer Widmark SPMJ1, Julia Lundmark SPFL1b, Elias Sandqvist ES1a, Matilda Ögren SPFL1a.

You can read more about this event in our local magazine Norran.

Congratulations to all of you!

// Christina Soldan


  1. We have many more good students at Aderstorpsskolan, didn’t we? 🙂

  2. Congratulation for all your good students! The tails worn by who give the awards prouved how important is this ceremony for your school. Nice moments!

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