Posted by: Christina Soldan | June 19, 2010

Sweden Has Celebrated a Royal Wedding Today

June 19 is a big day for Sweden. The Swedish Crown Princess Victoria, 32 years old, weds today her Prince Daniel, Duke of Vastergotland, 36 years old. It is Sweden‘s first royal wedding since 1976, Victoria’s parents’ wedding day which took place exactly 34 years ago. More than 1,200 guests, including royals from around the world, attended the lavish ceremony in Stockholm Cathedral. The Archbishop Anders Wejryd held the ceremony. He was assisted by the preacher Lars-Goran Lonner Mark, Dean of the Cathedral congregation of Stockholm, Åke Bonnier, and the bishop of Lund, Antje Jackelén. Victoria had specifically asked that there be a woman priest in the church.

Sweden‘s monarchy has no political power, but the king or queen represents the nation and greets foreign dignitaries. You can read more on the BBC News

// Christina Soldan



  1. A very beautiful just-married and very happy couple!

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  3. What an exciting time. Can you believe, nearly 35 years since the last one?

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