Posted by: kattiberglund | October 10, 2010

Some Packing Tips

Clothing for different weather and occasions. It can be cold or hot right for the season so you have to guard a bit. Please check the weather in Romania continuously Simleu Silvaniei, Romania 7 Day Weather Forecast –

  • comfortable clothes to ride the bus for
  • warm clothing for outdoors, such as wind jacket, fleece jacket, long underwear, hat, gloves
  • rainwear
  • shoes that are comfortable and well worn as you can walk in
  • workout clothes on abstinence deposit
  • towel (s)
  • pillow and blanket to keep in the bus
  • Personal Care
  • sanitary towels or tampons
  • headache tablets
  • blackbirds variable pipettes (to possibly upset stomach or diarrhea)
  • Samarin (against any wind or constipation)
  • nasal spray
  • motion sickness pills, if needed
  • plasters
  • allergy medicine if you have such a
  • Alvedon or Ipren event headaches

(Bed linen can be borrowed with the host family)

  • laptop + charger
  • headset (for using Skype, which is a free way to talk to the family via computer. Make sure you download and open an account at Skype skype /. You know what to do and can help at home, for we have spoken with the Romanians on Skype in the computer lab …)
  • USB Memory
  • video camera (VIKTOR HOLMSTRÖM hands over our video camera accessories to ERIK LUNDGREN)
  • mobile + charger
  • Mp3/Ipod + charger
  • Headphones
  • Camera + charger
  • DVD movies to have on the bus
  • paperbacks
  • deck of cards, chess or other games going to be on the bus
  • snacks
  • fruit
  • pillow and filters to have on the bus
  • some roll of toilet paper
  • handkerchiefs
  • school textbooks and other school supplies that you need to do your job
  • instructions to the tasks given to you by your teacher
  • paper for writing tasks on
  • pens
  • eraser
  • a gift for your host family

(Bedding can be borrowed with the host family)

  • Mobile + Charger
  • Laptop + Charger
  • headset (for using Skype)
  • Mp3/Ipod
  • Headphones
  • camera
  • USB Memory
  • video camera
  • deck
  • snacks
  • fruit
  • DVD Movies
  • paperbacks
  • school textbooks and other school supplies that you need to do your school tasks
  • instructions to the tasks given to you by your teacher
  • paper
  • pens
  • gifts for host family

Do not forget to arrange…

  • passport
  • debit card (make sure it works abroad, such as VISA card, contact your bank to be on the safe with it.)
  • possibly some cash tentatively EURO
  • vaccination
  • health card from the Social Insurance Agency (European Health Insurance Card)
  • student card given to you by CSN (Patronage or other card) is important to identify themselves as pupil/student for the rest of Europe, it is half the price of such admission to museums, bus, etc..
  • cash phone cards (keep track of how much you consume)
  • (Please arrange so you can Skype with your family at home it will be cheaper)
  • breakfast for the first day on the bus (for saving time). For example, a thermos with coffee, hot chocolate or other hot drink, juice or juice, something to eat.

Good to have with you, just in case…

  • detergent
  • earplugs
  • wipes
  • throat lozenges
  • backpack to be on day trips

Good luck with the packing!

//Katarina Berglund and Christina Soldan


  1. hi!This was a really quality subject!
    I come from itlay, I was luck to discover your theme in wordpress
    Also I get much in your blog really thank your very much i will come again

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