Posted by: woffe17 | November 10, 2010


It’s been a week after we returned from our trip to Romania. When we left Skellefteå, we felt a bit nervous, but most of all we felt anticipation and excitement of meeting our Romanian friends again and see how they lived. The bus journey to Romania was surprisingly good but could feel a little bit slow now and then. When we arrived we were welcomed by our host families and went with them to their homes. We cannot speak for everyone and say how we have had with our hosts but we in the crew that took pictures and filmed have experienced the whole thing as a positive and enjoyable journey! There were not many hours over to rest because we had so many things to do and see, but it went well anyway and the hospitality of the hosts was extremely high and for that we are very grateful! The whole city was probably smaller than we expected but it was very cozy.

The next few days we got the chance to see the city and all its contents. It was different from what we are used to, such as the many mountains that we thought was incredibly beautiful. Many things were different from the inner city to the outside of it. The cows were free and there was no asphalt on the road. When we had seen enough of the city, we had the chance to discover the rest of Romania when we went on a little journey in the country and visited Dracula’s castle and city Brasjov.

When we came home from from our trip, we had a few days to spend with our families. To summarize our trip we can say that many of us in the class came close to their host families and we all made friends for life from this trip. Romania may not be the richest country in Europe, but the hospitality was extraordinary not only by our host families but also among other people we met in the city Simleu. We definitely think it was a successful journey!

/Andreas, Erik and Johan


  1. Very well done, photo and film crew! 🙂 Hope films coming soon! Victor, run hard! 🙂

    Soon, you have to start working on writing your reports for your project works. And compile all the pictures and movies so we can produce the CDs… Good luck with that!!!

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