Posted by: Christina Soldan | December 22, 2010

Christmas Closing 2010

And so it was time for the last working day of this year … We have distributed Christmas cards to each other, we hugged each other and wished a merry Christmas to each other, we hugged some colleagues for one last time (those who have retired), we mingle a bit in the staff room, we’ve been drinking julglögg and eaten foam brownies and gingerbread, and we have seen since the traditional Christmas closure:

ES-Anderstorpsskolan bjuder på juldans på julavslutningen 2010

The aesthetes offered a very happy and enjoyable Christmas dance.

MP-Anderstorpsskolan bjuder på en annorlunda julsaga, julavslutning 2010Media students are offered a different kind of Christmas Carol and the headmaster Birgitta Lindström was reading a passage from the Gospel…

Fredrik läste upp den traditionela julsagan, julavslutning 2010

A colleague, Fredrik, read out the traditional Christmas story and then  all the teachers sang the traditional Christmas song… and then all was over…

We cleaned the workplace clean, we emptied the bins, we packed our laptops. Now we can tie up and do Christmas at home! Have a nice Christmas holiday everyone! 🙂

//Christina Soldan


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