Posted by: Christina Soldan | March 31, 2011

The Project Works Exhibition 2011

Elin Forsgren, SPID 3: Project Works Exhibition at Anderstospsskolan, Sweden - 31 Mars 2011

Today was a fair where students in their last year at Anderstorpsskolan showed off their project works. Project work aims at developing the skill of planning, structuring and taking responsibility for a larger piece of work and providing experience of working in project form. Project work also aims at applying and deepening knowledge within a knowledge area in a programme or a studyorientation. Project work involves planning, implementation and evaluation of the work. In project work, the whole work process is as important as the final result.

The goals of project work

Pupils should:

  • be able to choose a knowledge area and within this delimit a task or a problem,
  • be able to choose relevant material, methods as well as relevant tools,
  • be held to draw up a project plan and where needed revise it,
  • be able to use a logbook documenting the progress of their work and regularly report the process,
  • be able to discuss with the supervisor how their work is developing,
  • be able to produce a final product which means an independent solution to the task or problem chosen,
  • be able to provide a written report of the project describing the progress of the work from initial idea to final product,
  • be able to assess either in writing or verbally their work process and results (source: Skolverket).

I was responsible for eight students who did various projects, including Elin Forsgren and Evelina Pallin. Evelina Pallin did her project about the Romania trip and encounter with another culture. Her project is called The trip to Romania. Preventing prejudice. The summary of her project is that “This project arose on a trip to Romania, as I did with SPID program’s graduating class in 2010. The purpose of it all was to demonstrate that the differences between, in this case, Romania and Sweden does not at all are especially large.

When prejudices are something that has a tendency to easily be built up in our society, so I wanted to find out a way to inspire others to prevent such prejudices against another countries. From there, I wanted to answer my question which is: How should you be able to reduce and prevent prejudice concerning a country, with everything from family to the environment?

The method to implement it, was to use my own and the other accompanying impressions of the journey and life as we adapted to living in Romania.

The result of the project showed that Romania and Sweden have more similarities than differences, on these points raised in comparison landscape, attractions and family. One point that was picked up was the body language and the language, which perhaps did not show differences between countries, but more how you can do to understand others, then your language is not enough. ”

The Arts students: The Elin Forsgren, SPID 3: Project Works Exhibition at Anderstospsskolan, Sweden - 31 Mars 2011

Elin Forsgren‘s project is named Joy Workshop. Ideas & Creativity. She has made ​​many fine handmade works and gifts and she has created a blog – Joy Workshop. Ideas & Creativity –  where she describes how she has made ​​them. The summary of her project is “The activity has a significant impact on our people. Three different subsystems describing the effect of a natural and understandable manner, where the weight falls to special factors. The willpower system determines the choice of activity, the get-use-system forming activity in patterns and routines, and the execution system contains the elements that allow us to produce something.

The feeling that is deep within us and that somehow disables the entire world, known as flow. Time and space are forgotten and we love what they do in our activity. The researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes the flow as a mental state that is perceived as highly positive.

Being able to inspire others and thus increase the welfare of them, is something that I want to do. Through my hobby interest, I have tried to achieve it. I have a blog where I post things like crafting inspiration. To be affected by self-made things are called according to me, joy. ”

The local newspaper Norran was faithful in place as always when something exciting happening at our school. A total of 75 project works on display at today’s project work exhibition and I’m very proud of my students’ work.

On 25 March 2010 we were together, CREW ROSE on projects working the show, which I’m pretty sure that you remember yet. It feels like it was just yesterday… You can read about it here – Day 10 (Thursday – March 25, 2010).

// Christina Soldan


  1. Hi CREW RO!

    I am convinced that you have at least as much to do in your Romanian school that we have in our Swedish school, but it still feels very bored and lonely here on the blog without having a close collaboration and a rich exchange between each other.

    How can we pull together and change this trend? Do you have any suggestions?

    / / CREW coordinator

  2. Very clever and nicely done, Elin and Evelyn! I am proud of you and I hope that many students have been inspired by you all, who was in place at the project works exhibition. 🙂

    / / your mentor and supervisor of the project works

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