Posted by: Christina Soldan | September 25, 2011

CREW last 100 m…

Comenius-project rapport, September 2011

My colleague, Stefan Lundgren, and I are now working on the final report of our Comenius-project, CREW. It is really hard work and to do it requires much patience. The report is done in two steps: 

  1. it must be reported on the Swedish login page to the database, Svensk inloggningssida till databasen EST
  2. it must be reported in the form of an e-form (. pdf). The E-report is in two parts and it must to be in English or Swedish:
  •  Part E. Part A (Concerning the partnership as a whole), it has to be carried out together with our partner country, Romania.
  • Part F. PART B (Concerning your own institution), it is only for our own organization and we are going to include in it all activities that we have done ourselves .

The e-report has to be written on-line but then it is to be printed on paper, the headmaster must sign it and then the e-report has to be sent via mail to the International Programme Office for Education in Stockholm. This procedure is done twice, i.e. each partner has to report to their national program office. It is required that you report the presentation and outcomes in order to get the final amount, which is 20% of the EU funding for the CREW-project. This is true both for us and for our partner school in Romania.

Our project is now visible on EST – just like any other EU project. Go in and look for inspiration for future EU cooperation on your own school. There are many interesting European projects with many different themes.

We have all lot on our hands for the moment and time really flies! Good luck, I wish everyone involved!

// Christina Soldan


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