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Welcome to Anderstorpsskolan – a creative school!

Welcome to Anderstorpsskolan – a creative school!

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Anderstorpsskolan (coordinator school)
Gymnasievägen 5

                    Tfn: +46910735000
                    Fax: +46910736203
                    E-post (headmaster Christina Fahlgren-Lövheim):
                    christina.fahlgren_lovheim @
                    E-post (contact person Christina Soldan):
                    christina.soldan @

The class SPID3b

The class SPID3b

Do you feel like studying in a pleasant atmosphere as well as making new friends from different study programmes? Come to Anderstorpsskolan, our school was built for you!

When you enter the central hall, you immediately feel that there’s a lot going on. Thanks to students from our various programmes, you can listen to musicians giving concerts or enjoy dance performances; or you can watch the week’s vernissage or the ‘Film of the Month’. The film-makers may even choose you for an interview!

Make the most of your time with us; at your disposal you have well-experienced teachers and modern equipment. You can try various working methods to help you find the best way of learning, ‘learning for life’ and future studies.

Your hard work, needs and choices will formulate your time at our school. When you take a great interest in something, you may want to study it in greater depth and, when you need more help, we can give you extra support.

Welcome to Anderstorpsskolan – a creative school!

// Christina Soldan


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