Lifelong Learning ProgrammeThis is a project into Lifelong Learning Programme Comenius, a School Partnerships SWEDENROMANIA.

The main goal of the project is to enhance the understanding and knowledge within the field of natural science, focusing on the ecological aspect of water. The second goal is to develop the students’ and the teachers’ intercultural understanding. The idea is that the students create and show each other scientific contributions of globally well-known scientists (occasionally referred to as personalities). The third goal is to improve the students’ language skills focusing on oral proficiency and technical language.

The name of the project Cultural Ripples on European Waters, CREW, is supposed to symbolize, first and foremost, the exchanging and spreading of information on the importance of water research, water being a completely ecofriendly source of energy, both for man and machine.

The picture of a stone hitting the water surface generating ripples is the metaphor for finding information locally and letting the rest of Europe benefit by it. The students will do case studies where they will compare and analyse different waters. The results of the research will be presented to the students and teachers of the respective school, and also to the local politicians. Hopefully, they in turn will spread the results nationally and then globally.

// Christina Soldan

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