Posted by: camaranpaul | September 20, 2009

Paul Camaran – Presentation

Paul-Ionuţ Camaran, student at Technical College Iuliu Maniu - Simleu Silvaniei, Romania


I`m Paul Camaran ( friends call me Paully 😛 ), I`m  17 and i study economy at Technical College “Iuliu Maniu”. I am a very comunicative  and friendly person, I like to make new friends all the time and I think that this is a very good oportunity for making friends and knowing new people. I alwasy like to try new things and I like to think I am an open minded.

I live with my 20 yo brother (he is home only in weekends) and my parents  in Simleu Silvaniei city. I like to draw sketches(as u can see on my avatar :-D), I love to hang out with my friends and when im bored i ussualy listen music( pop and dance)  or watch tv.

I`m so looking forward on this project and i hope we will meet soon 😉

Me and my friends, Simleu Silvaniei, Romania

*I`m the 3rd from left to right * 😉

Me and muy friends in Simleu Silvaniei, Romania

*I`m the first from left to right * 😉

My roles in the CREW-project:

My works on this CREW-project:

  1. Carl Wilhelm Scheele
  2. Travel List of Sweden-Romania, Round Trip (Hotel and Ferries)
  3. Romanian Students vs Teachers
  4. 9 May – Europe day.Your day !
  5. Certificate of Attendance
  6. Accommodation in Sweden
  7. Who are the Dacians…
  8. Vârşolţ Dam
  9. Working Trip in Vârşolţ
  10. Water Treatment Plant Vârşolţ
  11. The Romanian Students Results 2009
  12. Christmas Eve
  13. Thermal Spas in Romania
  14. 1st December – Romanian National Day
  15. Romanian Students Working at the Scientists List
  16. CREW Students’ List of Romanian Scientists
  17. The best Romanian presentation is…
  18. Logotype Contest
  19. One of my ideas for logotype contest 🙂
  20. First snow in Simleu Silvaniei
  21. Paul Camaran – Presentation
  22. Romanian Team Building (Teachers and Students)

//Paul Camaran


  1. I also like to draw pictures, especially dogs. I like dogs, dogs are cool i`ve got two

    • oh…thats great..what breeds are they ?:)

  2. Imi pare bine ca esti foarte activ, Paul. Sper ca toti colegii tai sant la fel de sociali ca si tine. Se pare ca tu te simti foarte bine in spatiul cibernetic si ti-ai facut deja niste prieteni suedezi. Keep so!!// CS

  3. They are like toypuppies I like to sleep with them. I’ve named them kozz and gochbat. Vert cute.

  4. I hope that you vote on your favourite Swedish presentation on the side

    1. Click on your a favourite presentation.

    2. Click on the button Vote.

    All presentations are overall on the side Click on a name in order to see the person’s presentation.

  5. Nice pics, Paul! 🙂 Are this students your new Comenius project friends fron another countries?

  6. tnx 🙂
    yes, they are my new friends…well, all of them became friends of mine
    in the first pic are french guys and in the 2nd germans 😉 (the girl is romanian..andreea mudure …)
    they all are great ppl 😀

Thank you for your comment! // Christin@

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