Posted by: Christina Soldan | June 10, 2010


Today it was time for PIM-exam for all teachers in Skellefteå. PIM stands for “Practical IT and Media Literacy” and is a combination of tutorials on the Internet, technology products and help in everyday life. PIM is part of a government commission as National Agency for Education has been promoting the development and use of information technologies in schools.

All teachers in Skellefteå were asked to complete PIM and after graduation you get a diploma PIM. The study material is online, and it consists of ten tutorials that show how different software can be used practically in school activities. PIM-guides can also be used in daily work, when teachers and students need to receive direct assistance as how to process their pictures from a digital camera. It is a completely free resource aimed at all teachers in Sweden.

My first task was to make a Word document: CREW-on-PIM. I directed my PIM-examination on CREW and it consisted of a short film with pictures, music in the background and narrative. I intend to use it in future in the distribution of our fine projects to other peoples who mey be interested to know more about it, like the cultural ripples on European waters…

The film is in Swedish as it is to appear in Swedish schools. Enjoy it!

// Christina Soldan



  1. PIM was an interesting experience but it was, unfortunately, an extra burden for many of us, teachers… But it is great for those teachers who do not have much computer experience…

Thank you for your comment! // Christin@

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