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Samuel Söderlund – Presentation

Samuel Söderlund, student on SPID-programme at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå, Sweden - Certificate of Attendance at CREW-meeting in Romania

MeHeeeey guys

Samuel here, mostly known as Samie or just Sam… I’m a laid back guy who just likes to laugh and hang out with my friends, maybe play some basketball, record some rap-music or something like that. I also enjoy hanging out in bars trying to hook up with chicks with my number one wingman, Olov.

My motto is that you should keep dreaming until your dreams come true. Well, that was about all I had to say about myself so…

Peace out folks. See you around.

PS. I’m not the most serious guy on this planet so don’t expect everything in this piece to be true. I love joking. Love it. Soccer (football) and being awesome is my life. True story.

The Day After Tomorrow, watch it:


My roles in the CREW-project:

My works on this CREW-project:

  1. Dokumentation av resan. The Swedes working on the CREW project
  2. Dokumentation av resan. Johans åsikter
  3. Dokumentation av resan. Viktors åsikter
  4. Dokumentation av resan. Vattenfilmstävling
  5. Dokumentation av resan. Water Victims
  6. Dokumentation av resan. Förord
  7. The Masterchiefs of Water Testing in Skellefteå. Bilaga 1 – Bilder
  8. Bottenhavet. Bilaga1 – Bilder med Bottenhavet
  9. Skellefteälven. Bilaga 3 – Filmen
  10. Skellefteälven. Bilaga 1 – Bilder med Finnforsrövarna
  11. Skellefteälven. Förord
  12. Auschwitz-Birkenau. Utvärdering och reflektion
  13. Auschwitz-Birkenau. Hur många avrättades?
  14. Auschwitz-Birkenau. Stängningen av lägret
  15. Auschwitz-Birkenau. Uppkomst och utveckling av lägret
  16. Auschwitz-Birkenau. Hur kom KZ Auschwitz-Birkenau till?
  17. Auschwitz-Birkenau. Inledning, metod och frågeställningar
  18. Evaluation of the CREW’s Second Meeting in Romania, 18/10-2/11 2010
  19. Evaluation of the CREW’s Second Meeting in Romania, 18/10-2/11 2010
  20. Certificate of Attendance
  21. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 5: Media
  22. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 4: Filmer
  23. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 3: Bilder
  24. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 3: Bilder
  25. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 3: Bilder
  26. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 2: Planeringen
  27. Programme of the Project Meeting in Simleu
  28. Travel List of Sweden-Romania, Round Trip (Hotel and Ferries)
  29. Cultural Exchange at Anderstorpsskolan
  30. Our Visit to Anna Nordlander Museum
  31. Day 9 (Wednesday)
  32. Day 7 (Monday)
  33. Farewell!
  34. Nils’, Jonas’, Leo’s and Benjamin’s Plans for Thursday, 25/3
  35. Nils’, Jonas’, Leo’s and Benjamin’s Plans for Monday, 22/3
  36. Day 1 (Tuesday) and 2 (Wednesday)
  37. Nils’, Jonas’, Leo’s and Benjamin’s Plans for the Common Activities
  38. Accommodation in Sweden
  39. World Water Day – Planning the Day
  40. William & Emelie – WWD Preview
  41. The Bandits of Finnfors
  42. Isak and Dennis
  43. World Water Day – Approaching…
  44. The Swedish Students Results 2009
  45. Dundercupen
  46. World Water Day – Cloud Juice Reply
  47. WWD
  48. Swedes Learn Romanian Language – Lesson 4
  49. The Swedes Work with the CREW Project
  50. The Day After Tomorrow
  51. A closer update – The World Water Day
  52. Halloween Celebrating in Sweden
  53. Water Victims
  54. World Water Day – Movie
  55. Logotype Contest
  56. World Water Day – Water only!
  57. Movieteam Update
  58. A close update – The World Water Day 22/3 -10
  59. World Water Day – Searching for ideas
  60. Emelie Marklund
  61. Olov Bergkvist – Presentation
  62. Swedish Team Buildning (Teachers and Students)
  63. Samuel Söderlund

//Samuel Söderlund


  1. haha…i love to make my friends laugh also and i think that im a funny person :D(too funny somethimes =)) )

  2. yes, I have already notice that you are a funny guy Caraman

  3. hi Samuel

  4. hi man 😉

  5. I hope we play football when we come to Sweden

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